Store Affiliates

Our affiliate program allows you to generate passive income from the traffic on your website, and active referrals. If you become an affiliate you will be given custom links to the Posterboy website that your contacts or traffic can follow. When they arrive on our site, they download a cookie that will identify them as your referral. If they make a purchase through the website in the net 45 days then you will receive a commission on the sale that is transferred into your bank account at the tend of the month. You don’t need to do a thing other than give us your bank account details and wait for the money to land.
We will also give you a discount coupon code that will give your referrals a small discount, and you a commission. The discount makes sure they use the code, so you will get your commission.
The more traffic you can send to our site, the more likely there will be conversions, and the more commission you will be paid. Use blog posts, and email signatures to get the word out there. Contact us if you need help generating content for blog posts, we are always happy to supply blog post content on any relevant topic.

If you have any questions contact us through the Contact Us page.