5 Brands who are KILLING IT at Visual Merchandising

Unsurprisingly, creating an inviting atmosphere brings people into stores, and tends to keep them there longer. It has the power to stop shoppers in their tracks and create a need for something they didn’t know they had. Effective visual merchandising can improve a store’ s brand image and dramatically increase sales – ho
wever doing this is easier said than done and really comes down to how well you know your target market! Here are 5 different labels that are creating their spaces effectively and the techniques they are using.

Lorna Jane:LJ

Lorna Jane utilises their mannequins to represent the personality and active nature of their brand through styling them in different poses.

Also, note
their use of different heights – this creates a feast for the eyes! Like any good display, you want your customer to discover various items in your killer window display.


Kikki. K:Kikki-K

Have you ever noticed how Kikki. K’s window displays are always smaller than their shop window? This done deliberately. By not blocking out the entire window space, customers are able to see what’s happening in-store and who else is in there. FACT: In-store shoppers attract customers from outside the retailer.

The other technique the cult-following stationary giant does in their displays, both in-store and in their displays, is create a theme. Whether it’s a season, holiday or colour – a theme unifies their displays.


Alexander McQueen:

Alexander-McQHigh-end retailer Alexander McQueen are opting for a space that is created with a futuristic design. This further affirms the brands message of being ahead of the trend, and creates a point of difference from their competitors, as well as giving their customers a luxurious and unique experience. Instead of the usual racks built into walls, they opt for unique shapes such as curvy or streamlined customized fixtures for clothing rails as well as product display cabinets for shoes and bags.




The natural beauty and haircare retailer utilise natural materials to create a luxe atmosphere of sustainability or authenticity for their customers. This further expresses their brands philosophy and provides shoppers with synergy and a unique in-store experience.




More and more brands are taking the bold step of launching a new store concept based on eccentric mixes of materials that aren’t traditionally mixed.

Kiehl’s does this by combining industrial elements (brick walls and neon lighting), premium accents (chandelier and marble counter tops), natural features (wooden display furniture) and clinical touches (uniform of the sales team, skeleton, almost-clinical product packaging).


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