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Large format printing has made a1 poster printing more accessible than ever before. No longer do posters need to be produced in large volumes to be affordable. The price for producing just a single poster is a viable option these days. Digital pringing means that there is no setup, these machines are little different to desktop printers that most people have in their homes. The differences are really in the details, but the machinery is essentially the same. Much as a standard or the lot car is similar to a formula one race car, sure there are differences, and a lot of them to do with performance, but when you boil it down, they are still cars, or in this case, inkjet or laser printers.

A1 posters are an increasingly popular choice by retail marketing teams and visual merchandisers.

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A1 Posters can hang from the ceiling.

Attached to windows

On easels.

On walls.

A1 poster production and distribution has 4 stages that we can control in house.

Artwork supplied by the client is fed into the software that runs the printer, known as a rip, or raster image processor. This is where the printer can tile up prints to fit the sheet or roll, and adjust any colours if need be. A very common problem at this stage is caused by designers not flattening their transparencies or drop shadows. Rips will misread this information and discolour a square around where the effect element is. Most of the time though, this works. This is the technology that makes digital printing so fast. Mechanical printing techniques like offset or screen require timely and expensive setups before they can begin. Starting a digital printer is just as easy as starting a desktop printer.


Where the ink meets the paper. Compared to offset printing, digital printing per sheet, is slow, but digital printing can be finshed before offset even starts because the setup time is so slow. There are currently 4 dominant ink types in the large format space, Solvent, Eco Solvent, Latex, and Dye Sublimation. All are variations on the theme of UV stable with colours being stable in direct sunlight for 3 to 5 years, though each type is better at specific uses. For poster printing the best inks are Latex and eco solvent.
The resolution the machines run at is around 720 dpi, though they will have higher and lower settings.



Woot! Cutting paper into smaller bits, my daughter loves this bit.




This is a very important stage. How the print arrive in the store is crucial for how the poster looks in store, and how good the poster looks effects how good the store looks and how much money a customer will spend in the store. We are very mindful of the usage and the properties of the stock when we decide how the poster will be packed for fright. Ideally the poster will be able to hang nice and straight. So any materials with a memory property will be shipped in custom made a1 envelopes.

A1, 594 x 841mm is a very popular size for posters. They are frequently used for short-term promotions, or for longer term displays.

Large format printers have A1 poster printing made short runs of under 200 a viable option to visual marketers, and marketers as a cost effective way to communicate their message.

There are a number of great ways to display them in stores that are low cost, reusable, and easy to use. Techniques such as easels, poster rails, suction caps, adhesives and thumb tacks all work well.

Posterboy Printing often does short runs of under 10 posters, up to longer runs for 200 and can remain price competitive against other printing techniques like offset printing. Around the 150 mark, the higher setup costs of offset start to spread out and it is line ball between the two.

Prices include full-colour digital print.

For enquiries and further information, please Contact Us.

A1 Poster Price List

Dimensions: 594 X 841mm
Full Colour
150gsm Gloss Paper
Single Sided

Digital Printing – Can Accomodate Multiple Artworks
Quantity Cost 
5 $103 + GST
10 $135 + GST
15 $186 + GST
20 $237 + GST
25 $286 + GST
50 $524 + GST
75 $755 + GST
100 $981 + GST
Offset Printing – Single Artwork Only
Quantity Cost 
250 $668 + GST
500 $980 + GST
1,000 $1,115 + GST
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