Business Cards Review: Design Cherry

I thought that I would take a closer look at a couple of business cards from my collection. I’m a nerd for things like this, I collect business cards not just so I know peoples details, but because I love effective graphic design and creative use of production techniques.

This business card is for Design Cherry, an award winning book design agency.



It is a great example of letterpress printing. Letterpress is oldest form of printing, and there are still a handful of shops that run these machines. When you see rows of metal letters all lined up in a tray, that is letterpress. One of the things that makes letterpress stand out is that it can print onto thicker stock than any other printing styles short of modern flat bed digital printing. When digital and offset printers talk paper stock, they talk in GSM, letterpress printers talk in millimeters. As the stock runs through the press the is the letters are pushed into the paper giving every letter a tactile element. Because the letters are effectively embossed/debossed on, ink isn’t necessarily required.




The board is a 1mm Coaster stock which gives it a real presence in your hand. The weight of the board has allowed for the letters to depress in quite deeply. Astred has used this to great effect by not using ink and debossing her centre line of text “book nerd”. Debossing means when the paper stock in indented, it is the opposite to embossing. When this is done without ink it is called blind embossing.
You will have to forgive the slightly blurry photo, I couldn’t get the camera to focus on the ink and the deboss. The change between ink and deboss in the letters is very engaging.

Painted Edges


The thickness of the board also gives you the option to paint the edges of the board, which Astred has done in a bright pink. The thickness plus the pink makes it stand out in a business card holder

Back Face



The back of the card is highlight, before trimming the printed sheet down to business card size, Astred wrote/painted some calligraphy on the back with ink and brush. This means that each card is unique. I’m not sure what she wrote, but it looks great.

The Last Bit

This is a beautiful business card from a talented designer. I produced a portfolio for Astred a few years ago and looking through and seeing the diversity of her work, it is easy to see why she has won so many awards. Producing this took a thorough knowledge and understanding of print production techniques and graphic design. The end result is a simple and effective business card that conveys a feeling of creativity and uniqueness that is what you get when you work with Design Cherry.

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