Canvas Price List

Printed Canvas Price List

Cover the walls of your home with beautiful artwork that means something to you. Family members, favourite places and amazing scenery can all be transformed into Wall Decor. Your family and friends will be amazed at how clever you are! A real talking point in your home, and one you will be very proud of.

Canvas printing is a great way to display images of your memories and treasured moments in your home or office. Creating canvas prints of your family members, favourite places, and amazing sceneries from your travels can all be transformed into a beautiful wall décor.

Canvas prints are a great talking point whether in the home or office.

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A high quality canvas print is a great way to bring life to your photographs. Your treasured moments are best preserved when you transfer them onto a long lasting medium that is resistant to deterioration that can be caused from exposure or harmful elements.

Putting your photographs or pictures on canvas brings them to life and has a finish that looks like an artistic painting.

Canvas printing has a number of advantages compared to the traditional printing techniques. These advantages are:

  1. Outstanding appearance – The finish of a canvas print has the look of a painting.
  2. Longevity – This is the main reason people choose to transfer their photographs onto canvas. Canvas is made of strong materials and is the reason why paintings in art galleries use this type of finish. They can also withstand humid areas like bathrooms.
  3. Quick & easy framing – It is much easier to frame a canvas print than a traditional photograph. Traditional photos usually need additional elements to make them stand out. Canvas prints weigh much less than framed photographs.
  4. 3D finish – Your photographs are highlighted on canvas as opposed to traditional photographs that can appear as flat images. Your canvas print can be split into multiple panels to give you an added visual effect.
  5. Quick & easy editing – With canvas printing, you can modify and select your photographs specifically to enable them to appear in the best layout that fits your environment. Using odd sizes can create a unique piece of art.

Posterboy Printing is committed to their clients to ensure that your memories and treasured moments are treated with extra special attention so that your photographs are something you can treasure for a lifetime!

Pricing Table

Includes Freight and GST


Width Height Cost
30cm 20cm $110
45cm 30cm $120
50cm 40cm $135
75cm 50cm $165
100cm 75cm $200


Width Height Cost
30cm 30cm $115
40cm 40cm $125
60cm 60cm $155
75cm 75cm $175
100cm 100cm $215


Width Height Cost
60cm 20cm $125
50cm 25cm $135
90cm 30cm $175
100cm 50cm $205
120cm 40cm $210