Common Misconceptions – The Vehicle Matters

One of the common misconceptions about print is that the paper you use is nothing more than a vehicle to carry the ink or the offer, or the graphic design, whatever it is that you’re printing on paper. Paper is not just a vehicle to carry the ink, it is THE vehicle that carries your print, and the vehicle matters. The misconception is that the vehicle doesn’t matter.

Imagine you are hiring a plumber. The first plumber shows up he’s driving this run down ratty old ute.

Old Ute

Now objectively, we can say this doesn’t mean anything, the Elon Musk of plumbing could show up driving this car. Warren Buffet famously kept driving the same old car long after he had become very wealthy. But really, it says a lot. The vehicle that a tradesman gets around in says a lot about how they are prepared to present themselves to the world at large, and suggests a lot about how good a job they will do.

Then the second plumber shows up and he’s driving this van.

Work Van

Now this van is fine. There’s nothing wrong with it, it is perfectly forgettable and undeniably good enough. It is preferable to the old ute, but it doesn’t say anything really, good or bad.

The third plumber shows up and they are driving this van.

Sign writen van

They have gone the extra mile and had some work done on to van to represent the business in a professional and polished way, making themselves look better than anyone else in the market by way of their vehicle.

These two Porches are the same.

Two Porches

They’re the same model, released the same year, the only difference is one is the paint. They are both still Porches and they both still say the same thing about the owner, it doesn’t matter the colour. Print is the same. Yes print is a vehicle to carry the ink, but just like the Porches, the vehicle underneath matters, arguable more than the paint job.

Next time you are doing some printing, and you are tempted to lower your cost by using cheaper paper, I suggest that you don’t, because using cheaper paper will reflect negatively on your business, and your offer, and it will decrease your conversion rate. When it comes to printing there are other ways to lower your production cost other than using cheaper paper.

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