Custom strut-card shapes

This one’s just going to be a quick post but we thought it might be good to cover custom cut-out strut cards. They’re not something that necessarily springs to mind when you think of strut cards, and yet they’re so easy to do.

Typically, a strut card will be rectangular – generally A3 or A4 – and, for no real reason, usually in portrait. This means they’re taller than they are wide. There is no reason they can’t be done in landscape (wider than they are tall); most designs we receive just seem to be in portrait format.

We have seen lots of great designs in this ‘usual’ format. Designers do this stuff for a living, after all. However, it seems that a lot of our customers don’t realise that it’s possible for us to create a strut card that isn’t a rectangle. In fact, we can make almost any shape you’d like, as long as there’s room for the strut on the back.

It may come as a surprise that it doesn’t add significantly to the cost. The main difference is that we get a special knife made up, like a biscuit-cutter, to cut out your custom shape. Other than that, the process of creating the cards is essentially the same.

This makes it possible to have a much more eye-catching design without that much more expense. If you’re interested in having some custom cut-out strut cards made up, contact us today!

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