How To Make A Corflute Sign

This is how corflute signs are made at Posterboy Printing.

Step 1: Printing & Preparation

We print the coreflute sign on our Roland XR-640 onto a self adhesive vinyl. While that is printing we cut the coreflute down to size and clean the surface with metho.
There is a neat little knife you can get called a coreflute cutter that slots into the flutes and allows you to very easily cut down the flute. Across the flute you need to use a standard blade. It is best to cut the sheet down to width, but not to length. Meaning that at the end you only have to cut the sheet across the flutes. Cutting down the flutes with a print mounted is difficult and can leave ugly edges.

Step 2: Mounting Print onto Coreflute

To attached the print to the coreflute we use a technique called hinge mounting. The print is aligned to the sheet, held in place, then about 30mm of the end of the print is attached forming a hinge. Ideally this hinge is not part of the artwork, but is just plain media as it vulnerable to bubbles or creases.

With the hinge in place the sheet is run through the laminator/mounter. This is a very reliable way to mount, the only imperfections to watch out for is getting the backing sheet sucked in, or dirt on the sheet.

Step 3: Trimming

With the print mounted it is time to trim the whole thing down to size. Your print shold be overhanging along the flute, which is easily cut by facing the print upside down. Then cut the sheet and print to size across the flutes. Coreflute can be difficult to trim, so hopefully you remembered to cut it to size first!

Step 4: Applaud

All done! One corflute sign. Anyone else want pizza?



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