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Posterboy Printing specialise in high quality, perfectly designed, clean and easy to use “no carbon required” (NCR) printed invoice books. In the old days invoice books used messy blue carbon sheets laid in between pages to produce the duplicate, or triplicate, copy. This was a messy solution with the blue carbon paper creating blue smudges on both the invoices and the salesperson’s hands. The carbon would also wear out, especially because the same writing was written in the same place. This would produce invoices that could be hard to read. Not a good solution for what is essentially a legal document.

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A4BOOK QTY ->5101520
Duplicate50 Sets$200$328$444$540
Duplicate100 Sets$283$471$664$853
Triplicate50 Sets$225$367$501$638
A5BOOK QTY ->5101520
Duplicate50 Sets$165$238$323$394
Duplicate100 Sets$210$327$461$574
Triplicate50 Sets$193$271$370$448
A4BOOK QTY ->5101520
Duplicate50 Sets$247$371$518$644
Duplicate100 Sets$375$564$803$1038
Triplicate50 Sets$311$465$667$867
A5BOOK QTY ->5101520
Duplicate50 Sets$204$281$390$480
Duplicate100 Sets$265$398$574$717
Triplicate50 Sets$241$350$497$620
A4BOOK QTY ->5101520
Duplicate50 Sets$137$207$271$315
Duplicate100 Sets$151$235$310$381
Triplicate50 Sets$144$218$287$353
A5BOOK QTY ->5101520
Duplicate50 Sets$130$167$218$265
Duplicate100 Sets$137$198$260$317
Triplicate50 Sets$134$185$240$291
A6 & DLBOOK QTY ->5101520
Duplicate50 Sets$111$161$205$248
Duplicate100 Sets$125$190$245$298
Triplicate50 Sets$120$174$224$274

Where would the world be without printing? Here we all are deep into the period hailed as the time of the paperless office and yet printing and printed matter are still just as important as ever. For many of us “printing” means our home or office printer, but printing covers a vastly bigger area of activity than that. Think about it, everything you buy has something printed on it somewhere. Signs, posters, bottles, cartons, you name it and it has something printed on it.

From a business point of view, invoices are probably the most important document a company prints, they are vital cogs in the business machine. They are documents wherein no mistakes can be tolerated, otherwise there can be severe issues, from bad customer satisfaction all the way to costly legal problems. Which means that your custom invoice book printing should be done by a professional company who know exactly what you require.

The need for invoice book printing Australia remains because of their immediacy and ease of use, particularly for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) that may not have a dedicated accounts department in their company or the need for high-volume, mass invoice printing. Many businesses only require triplicate or duplicate invoice books printed that are then hand-written and presented to a customer, while the company retains their own copy.

Our NCR invoice books are ideal for sales personnel working out of their office. A conveniently sized invoice book can quickly and easily be used to complete a sale without the need for entering data into a computer and then trying to print an invoice. For smaller companies and self-employed business people pre printed invoice books provide an ideal solution to their invoicing requirements. Firstly, they save time because the customer does not have to wait for someone to access a computer, which may have issues connecting to servers or the internet and the accompanying computer printer might have run out of paper or ink or present other unplanned problems. Custom printed invoice books are simple to use and understood by everyone and require no special training to use.

Invoice book printing has come a long way since those days and modern NCR invoice books use paper that does not make any mess at all. This is because the reverse side of the top or first sheet has a micro-encapsulated dye coating. The second sheet has a coating of a particular type of what is basically clay. This clay, when put under pressure from a pen or even a dot-matrix printer pin, reacts immediately with the special dye on the top sheet and produces a completely accurate copy of what has been written. This modern system will work with at least four copy sheets and is limited by the pressure exerted by the person doing the writing.

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