Point of Sale Vinyl Installations

Point of sale installations is where we take a piece of artwork, we print that onto a self adhesive vinyl or perhaps a rigid board like PVC, card, or foamcore depending on the requirements. We then arrange an professional installer, who will come on site with the graphic and install that onto where ever it needs to go. Perhaps onto a wall, or a counter, or a shopfront window. Often we will need to do a site inspection first to get a solid understanding of the scope of works and to take measurements, but that is not always necessary. The information we need to gather on a site inspection is fairly straight forward, so it is something an average person could gather if they want to save time. Essentially all we need are the dimensions of the site, , the material we will be mounting onto, glass, gyprock etc, and identify any access issues. Meaning is the ground/floor in front of the site flat, level and accessible.

So your artwork becomes a part of, of the wall a part of the fixings of the building. You can use it for short term promotions maybe you’re wanting to launch a particular product or just raise awareness of a particular product or a particular range. Or it can be something that’s a little more permanent, maybe some mood setting images or branding for example. Or perhaps something semipermanent, a great place is on hoardings if there’s a vacancy in your shopping centre. You could do some temporary signage, maybe you want to promote the new tenant, “coming here soon” kind of signage, or maybe you want to promote something that is happening in the centre, or perhaps some directional signage. Directional signage is good particularly if the retailer has moved elsewhere in the centre.

So I’ve got a network of trusted installers around the country, which we can access if you need an installation done. The printing would be done here, and then sent out. So you know the quality of the print will be the usual standard that we operate too, and then it is sent directly to the local installer. They’ll get in touch with the local side and going around the installation. If it is a job in our normal area of operations then I will arrange my usual team to go out and do the job.

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