Presentation Folders

If you’re in a business where you have to give your customer, a lot of different documents, maybe legal documents or product brochures, but in any event they walk away with a bundle of papers. Then presentation folders, are an investment in having a professional and branded folder to neatly hand a bundle of documents to your customer. .
They’ll have a place where you can stick your business card, or if you’ve got multiple staff, then, they can put their card in it rather than just generic business or company branding, your staff member can put their specific contact information in there.

Single sided or double sided

You can print presentation folders on both sides. So if you want information on the inside, and on the outside you can do that. Though bear in mind the folded element at the side and the bottom will also be on the inside of the fold when you assemble them, so in a way, single sided printing still gives you a double sided product.

Single gusset or double gusset

I always recommend people get a double gusset on the spine s it adds about five millimetres to the spine, and it also adds an additional fold it doesn’t add any extra cost. The double gusset increases the carrying capacity of the presentation folder for no additional cost. The carrying capacity of single gusset presentation folder is about five sheets, which is pretty easy to overwhelm, then it won’t fold properly. With the double gusset, you increase the capacity to probably 20 odd sheets, which is much more reasonable..

Quantity Suggestions

Presentation folders are not cheap. Minimum run is Qty:250. I recommend getting a price for to Qty:500 and Qty:1,000 for consideration. I find 1,000 is where you start to really feel the effect of the economies of scale and the cost per unit starts to comes down. Whether you can use that quantity not. I don’t know depends on the business.

Design Suggestions

I’d also recommend when you’re designing them not to put too many details on them. In regards to contact details, just leave that for the business card. Because the folders are expensive and companies tend to go through them relatively slowly, if you have a phone number change or you move., or you change your list of services, then all that money that you spend on those presentation folders is just can be wasted. Leave all that kind of information to the business card and the collateral that you put in the fodlers. Keep the artwork for the folder simple evergreen branding, so anything short of a company rebranding, your presentation folders are good to go.

Template Choice

There are a number of prestanding shapes you can use. If you want a custom shape, that can be done, you just need to pay for a new knife to be made. I suggest you just use a standing one. I’ve yet to hear from a single client who told me that the shape of their presentation folder is the integral ingredient to closing a sale.

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