Strut-card notepads

How Strut Cards can help Promote your Business

If you’re not in the printing industry the words “strut cards” probably mean nothing to you. What are they? They’re self-standing display cards produced in thick, 2mm heavyweight cardboard, usually as an A4 or A5 size.

These are great counter-top or shelf advertisements for your business and better yet they can be produced so a notepad can be attached to them – and by notepad we mean tear-off flyers about your business. Yes we might live in the age of high tech advertising but the humble flyer is still an ageless promotional tool.

Branded strut cards with tear off flyers attached can be used in loads of situations:

• On a retail shelf promoting a new product
• On the counter of a medical outlet advertising open times and prices
• At a fitness studio featuring the next fitness challenge
• In a café to promote a coffee loyalty club
• At an exhibition or conference to support your brand
• As a tear off competition entry form (what better way to get potential customer details to add to your database!)

Really the possibilities are endless, but the branded strut card is your opportunity to get your message across in a visually appealing format that let’s your customer’s decide if they want more information about your business and the things that you sell. And that’s good news from a cost perspective because it means you’re not spending money on scatter-gun flyers that just end up in the bin.

Sure you can promote your product on signage or retail packaging – and it can be pretty eye-catching – but in most instances there’s just not enough space to get your message across. A flyer that’s on your branded strut card, next to your product gives you a heck of a lot more real estate from which to sell your story.

And while we’re on the subject of retail – if you’re a manufacturer, sending out promotional strut cards with your product to your retailers will help them sell more of your stuff, so you get more orders through your channels.

Your flyers are formed into a promotional notepad and the backing sheet is simply inserted into a slot on the strut card – so the strut card can stay in place, with new flyer notepads inserted when the old one runs out. Simple and super cost-effective.

If you’d like to find out more about how promotional strut cards and flyers can help get the message out about your business, contact Posterboy Printing today and we’ll tell you how cost-effective it can be.

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