Strut cards at Macarthur Square

On a trip to MacArthur Square recently I came across a number of strut cards being used in the homewares stores by some of Australia’s best soy candle manufacturers.

Ecoya Candles

A great display for these guys, really nice strut cards, and an excellent cutout logo. Love the story of this company. Ecoya was started by a pair of Qantas pilots in their garage in Southern Sydney. One of them found a soy candle while overseas, and they couldn’t find another one in Australia, so they decided to start making and selling their own scented candles.

Glass House Candles

A great display and amazing packaging, The colours on the stut card compliment the colours in the packaging and highlights the beautiful tin they have used for one of their candles.

Palm Beach Collection
 love these guys, their candles have such great fragrances. My daughter has a couple of these in her room and she adores the scents. Another great success story, a brother and sister team joining forces to build this quality brand.

Circa Home

Another excellent presentation by the team at Sapphire (they also own Glasshouse). The artwork in the strut cards compliments and echos the packaging, as well as painting a picture of how the scent would look in your home. Great stuff.


I liked this too much, a chalkboard strut card. Gotta figure out how to make them!

Kelli Kandles

A great concept with candles for kids. No strut card on here, but they could have used one at the top as a branded brochure holder.

Collette by Collette

It’s great to see the strut card in a fashion store. A little flimsy though. If you work as Collette, get in touch, and we’ll replace those flimsy cards with something that better represents the quality of your brand.

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