Security Gate Signage

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Custom Security Gate Signage
400 GSM card
Full colour
Profile cut
Double sided taped on 2 edges
Flat size 1080 x 710 mm
Folds to fit gates 500 x 80 mm
Face size 500 x 500 mm

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Anti-theft gates are a common sight in a retail store. These shop lifting prevention systems are valuable tools for retails to prevent shop lifting, and also provide great locations for promotional signage and messaging. Cover your security gate with custom promotional signage that every person walking into the store will pass, and people walking by the store will see.

The gates come in many different sizes, and we have listed two popular sizes in our online price list, but custom sizes for the security gate signage are available on enquiry, just ask! The prices we have listed will give you an idea of our pricing. The size we have listed is a top hat style, that will sit on the top of the gate, and not go all the way to the ground. This balances costing requirements, because they are small, but keeps them high in peoples eye line. Custom sizes are available if this size doesn’t work for the gates in your stores.

The top hat in the instant quote calculator will suit a security gate 500 x 80 mm

Security Gate Template


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